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A free, secure, personal gateway into your medical care at Moffitt. nike air jordan 3 retro white fire red cement grey

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An online resource for referring physicians and their staff. RPP Login

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For faculty staff members to access MoffittNet applications. nike air jordan 12 footlockersurvey


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  • Phone: 1-888-663-3488 (1-888-MOFFITT)

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MISSION: To contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer

VISION: To transform cancer care through service, science and partnership

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At Safeguard Advisors, we employ a few simple principals to help you achieve better results with your tax-sheltered retirement savings.

The bottom line is that you can invest in what you know, and invest with confidence.

Let us show you how.

Our specializedself-directed retirement plans are designed to allow for investments in a broad array of asset classes. Unlike conventional financial services firms that limit your choices to the products they sell, we open the doors to any investments permitted by law. This allows you to be truly diversified, and expand your horizons beyond conventional financial products into a variety of opportunities, including:

A Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401(k) plan gives you the flexibility to invest as you choose, and take advantage of the opportunities available to you in your local market or your network of associates.

With a Safeguard retirement plan, you will be in nike roshe one mens red cardigan
of all investment activities. Plan funds will be held in a bank or brokerage account of your choosing, and you will have signing authority. When opportunity presents itself, you can act immediately.

Forget about the paperwork, processing delays, and per-transaction fees common with custodian-held accounts. When you have full control over plan funds, you can operate much more efficiently, and that improves your bottom line results.

Expert education and consultation to assist with identifying the best plan to meet your investment goals.

Complete plan set up including, filings, legal documents, processing, and rollover transfer of retirement funds.

FREE lifetime support, including maintenance of your self-directed plan, and investment strategies options.

Establishing a self-directed IRA or 401(k) is the first step. Putting that plan to use effectively is the key to achieving the best results for your portfolio.

Our team of investment and legal professionals have the experience to help you invest with confidence. We mens nike air max 90 2014 ltr qsymia acEx0LNrLl
and other non-traditional assets, and how such investments are treated by the tax code. If you want to ensure you are acting in compliance with IRS guidelines, or learn about the power of using leverage such as mortgage financing for a rental property, our expertise is just a phone call or email away. All nike air force 1 low black and gum
come with ongoing access to our team of accessible, professional advisors.

If the line of symmetry isn’t central, the image won’t look right. In the example above, if I had positioned the vertical concrete pillar further to the left or right, the image wouldn’t have such strong symmetry.

If you can’t find any scenes with symmetryto photograph, you could always use a photo app to create a symmetrical image. This basically involves mirroring an existing image either horizontally or vertically.

This is an abstract symmetrical image of the World Trade Center in NY. To be honest, I had to go abstract because my original shot wasn’t centered perfectly. Don’t let a mistake keep you from trying to make an image work!

There are many iPhone apps available in the App Store for creating symmetrical images. Sparkmode (formerly Mirrorgram) features a live view of your mirrored image while taking photos. It’s quick and easy to use, even with photos you’ve already taken with other apps.

If the road had been straight in the above scene there would be natural symmetry in the image. But with the slight curve, I needed to use Sparkmode to mirror the image using a vertical line of symmetry. Itworks particularly well because there are many places for the eyes to wander with the S-curves.

I loved the vertical lines in the original of the image above, but the slight S curve in the path ruined the vertical symmetry for me. So I used Sparkmode to create horizontal symmetry and a fun image.

The one thing I don’t like about Sparkmode is it only offers a square crop. I recommend this app if you want the ability to shoot with a mirror effect applied in the viewfinder.

PhotoMirror is a surprisingly detailed app with many options, including achoice of different aspect ratios which many of the other apps don’toffer. The only thing missing is the live view of the mirrored effect in the viewfinder, but I highly recommend this app.

While air jordan 6 retro black infrared ukrainian
isn’t a mirroring app, it’s great for creating symmetrical compositions and adding balance to an image. To do so, simply go to image edit and tap the “+” to add a repeat.

You can nowrotate the image until you see a line of symmetry that you like. While you wouldn’twant to use this effect on all of your photos, it can add an interesting abstract twist to an otherwise ordinary image.

There are thousands of excellentphoto apps on the App Store, and the things you can do with apps are absolutely incredible. With that said, the number of photo apps out there isoverwhelming, and it's really hard to know which apps are worth getting.

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| Français

Communiqué de presse : 29 novembre 2017 nike blazer mid prm vntg camo swoosh clip duX8WcJC
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Vous trouverez des photos de qualités de la relique . S’il vous plaît créditer toutes les photos à CCO Mission-campus.

Le pèlerinage de la relique est un cadeau offert à l’Église du Canada au terme du 150e anniversaire du pays. Pour la première fois depuis des générations, l’Amérique du Nord accueille l’insigne relique de saint François-Xavier. C’est l’occasion unique de vénérer la relique intacte de premier ordre de l’un des plus grands missionnaires et évangélistes depuis l’apôtre Paul.

Au cours de ce pèlerinage, nous prévoyons trois grâces extraordinaires, toutes liées aux charismes de saint François-Xavier : (1) conversion des âmes; (2) éveil de disciples missionnaires abandonnés à la volonté de Dieu; (3) guérison. Nous prions pour que vous ayez l’occasion unique, au cours de ce pèlerinage de la relique, de rencontrer personnellement le cœur tendre de Jésus.

L’archidiocèse d’Ottawa , les Jésuites du Canada et CCO collaborent pour offrir cette occasion exceptionnelle à l’ensemble de la population canadienne. Nous nous sommes associés pour que de nombreuses personnes aient la chance de rencontrer Jésus et d’être inspirées à travailler ensemble pour le renouveau du monde. Des événements auront lieu dans 14 villes canadiennes au cours du mois de janvier. La page publique des détails du pèlerinage est : cco.ca/relique .

Guide du pèlerin

Le pèlerinage de la relique de saint François-Xavier est financé uniquement par vos dons. Pour soutenir cette occasion extraordinaire pour l’Église au Canada, cliquez sur le lien suivant :

Nombreux sont ceux qui considèrent saint François-Xavier comme le plus grand évangélisateur depuis saint Paul. Né en 1506, saint François-Xavier est issu de la noblesse espagnole. En 1525, il étudie à l’Université de Paris. Il y excelle comme athlète et jouit d’une grande popularité auprès de ses pairs.

Son compagnon de chambre, qu’il méprise dans un premier temps, n’est nul autre que saint Ignace de Loyola, qui deviendra son mentor spirituel. La persévérance de saint Ignace aura favorisé la profonde conversion de saint François-Xavier et son appel au sacerdoce. Tous deux, ainsi qu’une poignée d’amis, sont les fondateurs inspirés d’un nouvel ordre religieux : la Société de Jésus.


While message catalogs allow you to localize any messages in your application, there are a number of strings that are used in many applications for which translations are readily available.

Imagine for example you have a list of countries that users can choose from, and you’d like to display the names of those countries in the language the user prefers. Instead of translating all those country names yourself in your application, you can make use of the translations provided by the locale data included with Babel, which is based on the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) developed and maintained by the Unicode Consortium .

You normally access such locale data through the nike womens blazer low leather loveseat
class provided by Babel:

In addition to country/territory names, the locale data also provides access to names of languages, scripts, variants, time zones, and more. Some of the data is closely related to number and date formatting.

Most of the corresponding Locale properties return dictionaries, where the key is a code such as the ISO country and language codes. Consult the API documentation for references to the relevant specifications.

When dealing with locales you can run into the situation where a locale tag is not fully descriptive. For instance people commonly refer to zh_TW but that identifier does not resolve to a locale that the CLDR covers. Babel’s locale identifier parser in that case will attempt to resolve the most likely subtag to end up with the intended locale:

This can also be used to find the most appropriate locale for a territory. In that case the territory code needs to be prefixed with und (unknown language identifier):

Babel currently cannot deal with fuzzy locales (a locale not fully backed by data files) so we only accept locales that are fully backed by CLDR data. This will change in the future, but for the time being this restriction is in place.

Locales itself can be used to describe the locale itself or other locales. This mainly means that given a locale object you can ask it for its canonical display name, the name of the language and other things. Since the locales cross-reference each other you can ask for locale names in any language supported by the CLDR:

Display names include all the information to uniquely identify a locale (language, territory, script and variant) which is often not what you want. You can also ask for the information in parts:


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